Today marks the second, and last, day of the Digital Labin conference. Dedicated to bringing together the best and brightest in web, mobile and software design, it was chalk-full of cool workshops, inspiring speakers and innovative ideas. We were happy to come and attend, but then we learned something shocking.

This is their first event.

Yes, it's true. This memorable rollercoaster of networking and fine Istrian wines is actually year one (or zero, if that's what you prefer). A staggering amount of thought was put into details - like the fact that every goody bag had a lump of coal in it (Labin is a coal-mining city, and the organizers wanted us to have a piece of that history to help us focus on the future). An even larger amount of attention was put into picking the right speakers and guests, featuring Dogstudio's Henry Daubrez, Smashing Magazine'sVitaly Friedman and Build in Amsterdam's Daan Klaver, among others.

We would have been speechless, but there were too many new people to meet.

Maja on the lookout

Overall, the event was a raging success. We won't even go into the beauty of the city and landscape, but we will hint that there is very few places that can parallel these parts when it comes to food, drinks and hospitality.

We thank the organizers and sponsors for proving, once and for all, that it is possible to get things right from day one - and we hope to come again next year!

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Author Maja Jovicic

Maja Jovicic
PR @ WaySeven Technologies
on September 29, 2018