Time is a resource we need to use in the best possible way.

Ivana Malešević is not originally from Banja Luka. Growing up, she quickly learned that she preferred gadgets to regular toys, and that pushed her to enroll into the Electrotechnical faculty.

As one of the scholarship students of RTRK, her first work experience was actually working for that company.

“It was an amazing opportunity for me to learn, but last year I decided that it was time to look for something a bit different. Back then, my work was more in electronics, which was great for my love of gadgets. Eventually, though, I felt like I needed something a bit more visible – like frontend.”

Electronics are a bit too abstract for Ivana. Although it’s something that can be seen and felt, she had actually comes from a web programming background.

“I was learning React when I first decided to shake up my career plan. The fact that I ended up working with Angular is because that’s what Wayseven offered me – and I really had no reason to say no!”

When Ivana first applied at WaySeven Technologies, she didn’t know much about the company. Sure, she knew a few people from school, but she had sent out her CV to several other companies as well.

“The WaySeven hiring process was so fast! The task, the interview, the whole process was quick and transparent. I sent in my CV, did a task, got called back to interview and almost immediately got an offer. Everybody was very clear on what was being offered and what I was required to do, so it wasn’t hard to say yes.”

The other places she applied to took the slow approach, so she was still getting other offers when her onboarding and mentorship program began.

“I don’t regret saying yes here. Despite my lack of experience, I can see that I’ve been granted the opportunity to advance my knowledge and my career in a clear way.”

Ivana collage

Who has time for interviews when there's a world to be traveled?

Ivana is still working hard on learning Angular, but she has been a contributing member of the team since her very first month. She credits her quick advance to good time management by the company.

“The meetings are just long enough to fulfill their purpose, and then we get the rest of our days and weeks free to work on our actual tasks. I never noticed before how much time even the most banal meetings and procedures took away, but it’s become clearer now that they’re no longer part of my day-to day life.”

Having joined the company in 2021, Ivana has had her entire work experience in a post-COVID hybrid office.

“My work definitely didn’t suffer – my mentors were always available to help, online or offline. On the other hand, I have only recently witnessed more than a few people coming into the office at any given day. It’s so nice to finally meet people in person!”

WaySeven has adapted to using the Culturate platform as a tool for hybrid work and company culture upkeep. Ivana found her favourite feature relatively easily – and is using it to fit her needs best.

“I check the schedule portion of the app to see who’s gonna be coming into the office on any given day – if I want to hang out, I can decide to come in when there’s more people. It’s easier than spamming chat channels with “Hey, anybody in the office tomorrow?”

Ivana at work

A sunny disposition keeps the office blues away!

Ivana and her team try to see each other and spend some time together every once in a while. They come into office as a whole, join each other for morning coffee and help each other de-stress.

“I needed some time to adjust to how people are in person, as opposed to just online presences in my life. My main mentor has a pretty loud voice and presence, which really doesn’t come across via chat.”

In her spare time, Ivana makes sure to separate work and play. She won some prizes for her English language skills, and she makes sure to work out on a regular basis. She’s also an avid reader, enjoying fiction books as a means to relax and unwind.

“I’m currently reading “The book thief”: I love how different the style is, especially since it’s a book with such difficult subject matter.”

In the future, Ivana is hoping to continue advancing as a front-end developer – and we’re sure she’s going to use her time well.

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Author Maja Jovicic

Maja Jovicic
PR @ WaySeven Technologies
on July 1, 2022