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Project Summary

Services Provided

Dedicated Team, Software Development, Design & UX Services, Project management, Agile Project Coaching, Domain modeling, Software Architecture, Continuous Delivery, Software QA, DevOps, IT System Administration.


Education, Venture Capital

Tech Used

C#, .net, RabbitMq, Javascript, KnockoutJS, TSql, MongoDB, Html, Sass, Rapid prototyping, Php, Wordpress, AI, Sketch, PS

Client location

San Francisco, USA

About Client is a Silicon Valley venture capital fund that mentors and invests in startup companies established by young entrepreneurs from 20 of the best universities in the world, such as Harvard, MIT, Stanford, Oxford, and Cambridge. manages over $100M to be invested in the next 10 years. It was founded by one of Silicon Valley’s veterans, Mr. Michael Baum (founder of Splunk, which had a $9.6B IPO).

Challenge has set goals for building new startups over the next five years. Annually, they select 20 to 60 companies from all over the world to join their class and participate in intensive mentoring programs. Each year involves working with dozens of startup founders and mentors, and many business processes that connect them and support the mentoring programs. lacked defined IT procedures and processes, and most things were done ad hoc.


Since April 2014, we have been’s dedicated IT team, beginning with a crew of 4 full-time engineers and growing to 18. We have taken responsibility for all the software needs of the organization. WaySeven has worked to integrate all of’s business processes in a simple and functional UX design:

  • Social networking: management of user profiles (entrepreneurs, employees, mentors), and organization profiles (companies, classes, schools).
  • Internal content: forums and blogs.
  • eLearning: a new mentorship training platform with quizzes, online lessons, and tests.
  • Other business workflows: integration with many external tools, including Google Apps, Amazon services, Zoom, and Salesforce.
  • The WaySeven Team addressed other technical aspects, like security, performance, infrastructure, maintenance, backups, scalability, and availability.
  • Support Team for an average 5,000 daily users from different time zones.

Our team has helped define and implement standardized IT processes: roughly defined > prototyped > developed > implemented > tested > deployed > configured

Client testimonial

Building a new product is fraught with frequent pivots and changes, a situation which can break even the most motivated of teams. That was not the case with WaySeven - from just a napkin sketch to a working production software, they helped us engineer and deliver a world class product for our portfolio of Silicon Valley and Europe based companies. Their expertise and commitment to delivering great software is a rare find in this business. We cannot recommend them enough
Michael Baum
Silicon Valley Entrepreneur and Founder of Splunk INC ($9.8B IPO)