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HeySuccess.com UI

Project Summary

Services Provided

Software development, Software architecture, Software QA, Integration with AWS email service, Intelligent scraper building


Recruitment, Career development, Higher education

Tech Used

MySQL, JavaScript, PHP

Client location

London, United Kingdom

About Client

HeySuccess Limited is a company headquartered in London that runs the globe’s most popular website for early talent acquisition (some refer to it as “LinkedIn for students”). HeySuccess has customers in 107 countries and offices in 3.


The company’s core offering is dozens of thousands of student programs from over 190 countries, like internships, scholarships, student conferences, and competitions. HeySuccess has many years of experience participating in, searching for, and developing student programs around the globe, and they organized all these opportunities in a pretty simple software. However, the challenge was that the software did not have an advanced deadline notifications mechanism built-in, which resulted in a significant loss of time for the HeySuccess Team. Additionally, the original software that crawled for new opportunities was inefficient.


WaySeven developed very advanced DMT software for HeySuccess that improved on some key time-wasting areas:

  • Web scrapers are more efficient: WaySeven improved the process of scraping new student programs that appear in the market by filtering the most useful information for users. On average, this innovation saves the HeySuccess Team 90 hours a month.
  • Deadline notification got more personalized by introducing an email notification system.
  • Better administration and user management facilitated by our software.

In summary, with the new DMT software developed by WaySeven, the HeySuccess Team saves over 400 staff hours a month.

Client testimonial

We were impressed with WaySeven’s tech expertise and dedication to both quality and effectiveness of their development process. They helped us to develop very complicated technology for sourcing student opportunities that is unique in the world and now used by over 300,000 young people all over the world.
Milenko Pilic
HeySuccess Ltd CEO & Founder