M2 Digital (E-Switch)

Remote access to crane diagnostic hardware at mines across Australia

M2 Digital: E-SWITCH images

Project Summary

Services Provided

Enterprise software development, Software QA, DevOps, Communication protocol integration, Storage integration, USB proxy, RS 232 proxy, Agile approach, Kanban framework.


Innovation, Heavy industry, Communication, Remote Workforce

Tech Used

C++, QT

Client location

Sydney, Australia

About Client

Established in 1974, WATM Crane Sales and Services WA is a Western Australian company with a core business in the sale, repair, and maintenance of mobile crawler and truck-mounted cranes. A significant part of their product line includes diagnostics of mine operations.

WATM has engaged with M2 Digital to develop a solution for remote access to crane diagnostic hardware for the Manitowoc line of cranes. These tools must identify and diagnose issues, and manage cranes from a remote location. M2 Digital has engaged with WaySeven to help them develop the software part of the project scope.


Imagine how many lives are potentially at risk every day in mines across Australia. This project was sophisticated because it sought to totally integrate hardware and software during the diagnostic process, ensuring that all the key elements of mining systems are working optimally. Due to the huge physical distances between mine operations and diagnostic operators, they needed a remote monitoring and distance repair system.


The objectives for M2 Digital included:

  • The creation of a hardware platform that will enable integration between a software platform and the end equipment.
  • The creation of a software package that will substitute any manual interaction requirement.
  • The creation of a remote management platform.

Objectives for WaySeven were to assist M2 Digital in creating their software packages according to defined specifications, including software to remove any manual interaction requirement.