SAM Versicherungen AG

Bringing the best health insurance packages to Switzerland and beyond UI

Project Summary

Services Provided

Project management consulting, Agile project coaching, Domain modeling, Software architecture, Software development, Software QA, DevOps, IT system administration


Insurance, Sales, Marketing

Tech Used

C#, .Net, RabbitMq, Javascript, KnockoutJS, TSql, Html, Css, Sass, Hi fidelity mocks, Sketch

Client location

Rothrist, Switzerland

About Client

SAM Versicherung AG is one of the largest private insurance brokers in Switzerland. Their primary service is contracts for the biggest Swiss health insurance houses. SAM AG has around 3,000 employees. They cover ~1% of the Swiss health insurance market. With 8 million citizens in the country, and health contracts lasting about 5 years, around 1.6 million people are signing health contracts every year. This means that SAM AG receives about 16,000 new contracts annually.


Despite being a very successful company, SAM AG has wasted a lot of time and money using manual business processes:

  • SAM AG did not have appropriate software for business workflows and everyday communication. Many documents were hardcopy, and paychecks and commission were calculated manually. They estimated that these calculations consumed 5 workdays each month, and had to be carried out by upper-level management.
  • SAM AG invested more than 100,000 Swiss Francs in 2015 to develop new software, but the freelancer engineers they hired were unreliable and the product never went live.
  • SAM AG did not have an in-house IT department. Therefore, there was no clear plan, vision, or control over what the organization needed from its software. The use of freelancers didn’t provide them with any direction, so they continued to spin their wheels and waste financial resources.


Since March 2015, we have been working with SAM AG as their dedicated IT team, delivering several major solutions.

Mobile and web apps: WaySeven delivered four new software products: the BS Mobile application; Lead Platform Plus, which increased sales productivity; and, sales agent tools for more efficient and far-reaching contact with leads and potential clients. We also developed a system called Broker Soft Plus that replaced the previous back-office and agent system. This tool digitized their work, and improved the speed of processing clients by 30% with the same number of employees. Most recently, we completed a solution called Termin Manager Plus, which manages agent appointments in the field. This tool not only enables delivery of appointment info to agents and feeds their data back home from the field, but it increases the overall speed of agents’ work and provides more accurate analyses of completed sales.

Tech consulting: After initial evaluation of SAM AG’s business flow and needed improvements, WaySeven offered many other IT consulting services. For example, we migrated useful data from old systems and delivered consultation on SW architecture, IT security, infrastructure, and development and project management tools. We also worked on establishing a single pathway for communication between internal and external customers and employees.

Training: WaySeven provided workshops to SAM AG employees on Scrum process, Event Storming, DDD, Agile practices, collaboration and communication tools, DevOps, and continuous integration and delivery.

Dedicated team services: SAM AG’s dedicated IT team, we have delivered and maintained a business platform that not only automates business processes and digitizes the work, but also improves communication channels, collects more analytical data, and brings new features to the market that will allow SAM AG to grow even faster in the Swiss insurance and financial industry.

Client testimonial

Hi, my name is Dominik Prader. I am head of IT in SAM AG, a company that operates in businesses related to sales & marketing and finance in Switzerland and across the Europe.

We have relied on WaySeven team to work with our big portfolio of clients, partner companies and business contacts from Switzerland and across the Europe. WaySeven helped us build and improve our tech platform, making our company more efficient and able to scale our business network and operations. I recommend WaySeven Technologies team as modern and reliable technology partner.

Dominik Prader
Head of IT in SAM Versicherungen AG